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Learning Calendar and Events

Libraries UC Berkeley

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

Transferable Skills Library

UC Berkeley Extension Sponsored Tuition Program

UC Learning Center

Wisdom Cafe

Mastermind Groups

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

Berkeley Staff Organizations – Communities of Practice

Mentorship Program - Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA)

Transferable Skills Library

Berkeley People Management Knowledge Assessment

Berkeley People Management (BPM) certificate and series

BPM Grow Today series and certificate

BPM Grow Your Knowledge series and certificate

BPM Grow Your Team series and certificate

BPM Grow the Organization series and certificate

Manager Mastermind Group

Leadership and Career Enhancement Program for Staff of Color

UC Berkeley Executive Education

BearBuy (purchasing tool)

BFS (Berkeley Financial System)

Bias Busters Workshops (implicit biases)

Cal Answers (analytical data tool)

Campus Business Systems Guide (administrative systems)

Controller’s Office (business and financial systems)

D-Lab (database software training)

Executive Leadership Academy

Faculty and Staff Health Programs (health and well-being)

Greater Good Science Center (social and emotional well-being)

IT Professional Development

Multicultural Education Program (diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism)

Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (intercultural effectiveness) 

Staff Ombuds (conflict resolution and prevention)

Student Information Systems (student data tool)

BPM Grow Today series and certificate

Grow Your Career

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

NOW Conference 

Technology and Systems training

Transferable Skills Library

Advancing Practice for Advisors

Human Resources Professional Development Program (HRPDP)

Onboarding and Engagement Program for Advisors

Research Administrators Professional Development Program (RAPDP)

UC Berkeley Women's Initiative for Professional Development (UCB WI)

UC Systemwide People Management series and certificate

UC Systemwide HR Managing Implicit Bias series and certificate

UC Woman's Initiative for Professional Development

UC CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative

UC Compliance Training

Systemwide Human Resources Institute

Student Affairs Certificate Program

Project Management Certificate Program

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