Campus Business Systems Guide

The Campus Business Systems Guide is your resource for information about the administrative systems used at UC Berkeley to carry out advancement, financial, human resources, and student-related business activity, as well as how to become a user of these systems. The Guide provides a brief description of each system and outlines:

  • Steps to request system access
  • Required/recommended training and how to enroll
  • Where to go for more information

Managers & Supervisors

If you are a manager or supervisor, you may need to know how your staff members can enroll in training and gain security access to business systems like the Berkeley Financial System (BFS), the HR/Payroll/Benefits system, UCPath, and the campus timekeeping system, CalTime


If you are a staff member, you can use the Guide to find information about system access and training, but also to review your options for adding to your own "toolkit" of experience and skills on campus systems. To review the list of trainings you have completed, go to blu, click on Show/Cancel Enrollment, select All Enrollments, enter your Employee ID and last name, and click "Go". (Please note: Because not all training is offered through blu, this may not provide a complete list of your training history.)

Business Systems

The systems included in this Guide are used broadly across campus; for systems used by only one unit, please check with the office that manages the system. If you have questions about the Guide or would like to suggest a system that should be included, please contact us via email at