UC Peer Connection Community

Imperative + University of California

Introducing a UC system-wide peer-to-peer connection community using the Imperative platform.

Imperative acts as the bridge to remove barriers hindering genuine connections. Simply sign up, log on, and let the program handle the heavy lifting of matching you with a peer, and initiating conversations that matter.

What to Expect

UC Berkeley staff have asked for more structured environments to connect with peers across the UC system.  The UC Peer Connection Community is one way we’re making that happen. 

This is a self-driven program that prioritizes meaningful connections by pairing participants with a peer - an individual working at an equivalent level at UC Berkeley or another of our UC Campuses. In general,  managers will be matched with fellow managers, and individual contributor staff will be matched with peers at their level, ensuring a balanced and comfortable exchange.

In addition to matching participants based on their organizational level, participants complete a questionnaire - the “Purpose Profile” - detailing their goals and motivating factors at work. Leveraging this valuable information, Imperative's algorithm generates purposeful peer matches, connecting individuals with shared values and aspirations.

Once matched, participants will meet with their same peer connection over the course of 12 weeks. During these 12 weeks of connection, participants will engage in a series of five "Smart Conversations”. These guided conversations utilize unique prompts provided by Imperative, and are structured around both participants' Purpose Profiles. These Smart Conversations are designed to facilitate impactful interactions from the very start, and dig deeper than your typical networking conversation. Peer connections will discuss your similarities, differences, values, goals, and what truly drives you. 

At the end of the 12 week period, participants will be matched with a new peer, allowing for participants to match with 4 different peer connections over the course of 1 year.

Testimonials from Past UC Peer Connection Participants

Two women  having a Zoom meeting, one taking notes and blurred in the foreground and the other on the computer screen.

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Connections

UC Berkeley People & Culture values community and connection, and we proudly sponsor the UC Peer Connection Community as an opportunity for staff to build relationships right here on campus and across the UC system.

In the dynamic landscape of our hybrid work environment, we understand the challenges of fostering organic connections. The Imperative platform is one solution to make engagement and connection more accessible for you and your colleagues.

Our hope is that participants will:

  • engage in meaningful, purpose-driven conversations
  • connect with a diverse group of peers to broaden their network
  • learn from others, and share their own knowledge as well
  • collaborate in problem-solving and professional development

These conversations are not recorded, so participants can feel comfortable using this dedicated window of time to speak freely about their work and their goals and motivations. Additionally, the peer-to-peer approach aims to foster a level playing field for participants to feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves authentically.

Time Commitment

Over the course of 1 year, program participants will be matched with 4 different peer connections.  Each peer connection will last for 12 weeks, and during that time, participants will engage in five (5) 1-hour “Smart Conversations” through the online Imperative platform.  These Smart conversations will prompt participants to dig deeper in discussing their wins, challenges, and opportunities in their work. Each peer connection is matched based on the results of the Purpose Profile.

Participants will manage the scheduling of their own Smart Conversations directly with their peers, allowing them to find times that are convenient for each participant. 

In total, participants must plan to commit to 20 hours of conversation spent with their peer connections, and 1 hour to set up their Imperative account and complete the Purpose Profile.

Eligibility Requirements

This program is open to any UC Berkeley staff who wish to participate and meet the criteria below.  Participants must:

  • Be employed in a Full-time or Part-time Career or Contract position, (including non-represented and represented employees) at UC Berkeley,

  • Have successfully completed their probationary period (if you are unsure about whether you have completed your probationary period, please ask your manager/supervisor),

  • Be on pay status at the time of enrollment,

  • Have the support of their direct manager/supervisor to ensure that they are able to participate in all program events as part of their professional development and supported by our Participation in Campus-Sponsored Activities Policy

  • Complete the program application.


Join our mailing list to be notified when the next application cycle opens.

UC Berkeley has 100 spots available for staff to participate in the UC Peer Connection Community in 2024-2025. 

To be selected for a spot, please submit your application by May 31 at 5:00 pm PST. After that time, 100 participants will be randomly selected to join the program. 

Please note: if you are not randomly selected to participate in 2024-25, you will be given priority to join the program in 2025-26.