Employee Resources

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New Employees
Welcome, we're happy you're here! UC Berkeley is a great place to work with many resources for new faculty and staff to help ease the transition to campus.
Managing Conflict
Individuals who work together often have different work goals and personal styles. Because of this, workplace conflict can sometimes result.
UC Retirees often continue to stay involved with the system after they retire. This section is intended to help retirees stay informed about campus opportunities...
Work-Life Balance
We understand and support your personal and family responsibilities. Learn about leaves, FMLA, Employee Assistance and flex arrangements amongst others.
The University of California offers a wide array of high quality benefit plans including medical, financial and retirement. Choose what's right for you and your loved ones.
Health & Safety
From environment, health, workplace safety, and UHS to our campus police - you can find resources for getting help or what to do in case of a campus emergency.
Career Development
Career development at UC Berkeley is a self-initiated process with support and resources provided by managers and the organization. You can do it - we can help!
Campus & Beyond
Berkeley - the university and the city - are located in one of the most beautiful urban areas on earth. The campus has much to offer new and seasoned employees alike.
Staff Organizations
UC Berkeley has a diverse array of staff organizations, each with its own mission and focus, offering the opportunity to become more involved in campus life.