About People & Culture

Our Objective and Strategies

People & Culture Objective

People & Culture is valued as UC Berkeley’s proactive people partner.

People & Culture Strategies

  • One HR
    • Bring clarity and efficiency to HR processes and structures through cross-team collaboration and transparent communication.
  • People
    • Use development opportunities beyond training to create deeper engagement, higher trust, and better performance.
  • Culture
    • Apply Berkeley brand to developing a shared “enterprise contributor” mindset among all employees.

Contact Information & People & Culture Staff Directory

People & Culture, University of California, Berkeley. 2199 Addison Street, Room 192, Berkeley CA 94720

People & Culture Organization Chart

To View and download the People & Culture Organization Chart, click the link.

People & Culture Location

People & Culture is located in University Hall, near the west entrance to the UC Berkeley campus, at the corners of University Ave and Oxford St. It is a two-minute walk from the Downtown Berkeley BART station.