Flexible Workplace Planning and Resources

Flexible Workplace Series

During the month of June, we’re going to meet with managers three times to provide the information needed in order to successfully prepare for the campus shift back to in-person activity. The Managers' Forums on June 1, 15, and 29 will be recorded and included on this page dedicated to helping you successfully navigate this change. 

This is a special three-part training series. Toolkits, guides, and additional resources will be released in tandem with each Managers' Forum. Once we wrap up the series, there will be three supplemental e-learnings to help drive your success with the campus default back to predominantly in-person operations. We ask that you stick with us on this learning journey; we’re in this together!  

Managers' Forum - Flexible Workplace Series

Zoom information is sent to managers/supervisors via email. 

  • Special 1 of 3 - Determining Flexible Work - June 1, 1-3pm

  • Special 2 of 3 - Managing Remote Workers - June 15, 1-3pm

  • Special 3 of 3 - Managing Hybrid Teams - June 29, 12-2pm

Part 1: Determining Flexible Work

Full Program - 2 hrs

Manager Forum - Flexible Work Arrangements - Part 1 June 2021

Toolkit Overview - 20 mins


Icon of four colorful tools in a kit

Flexible Workplace Arrangement Toolkit

An overview of flexible work arrangements, including different types of arrangements, considerations for managers and staff, and information about reimburseable expenses. Use this toolkit to determine whether a flexible work arrangement is appropriate.

Download or make a copy to edit.

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Flexible Work Arrangement Planning Packet

Ready to request a flexible work arrangement? This packet includes examples, proposal templates, guides, checklists and more to help you plan accordingly. 

Download or make a copy to edit.

Part 2: Managing Remote Employees

Full Program - 2 hrs

Managers' Forum - Flexible Work Arrangements - Part 2 June 2021

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Guide to Managing Remote Employees

As a manager, it is up to you to create the conditions that allow your team to do their best work, and to have the most job satisfaction possible. At the same time, you also have to take care of yourself. The purpose of this guide is to prepare you for the challenges we now face, both as individuals and as leaders.

Part 3: Managing Hybrid Teams

A recording of Part 3: Managing Hybrid Teams and all associated resources will be available after June 29.