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Benefits Team

Name Title Email Address Telephone
Sharon Johnson Director of Benefits 510-388-9549

Matthew Alvarez

ADA Specialist 510-289-6903
Sheila Blake Leaves Consultant
Alexis Brown Benefits Assistant III
Letrice Calbert Leaves Consultant
Aidaly Cintron Leaves Consultant
Yvette Escobar Leaves Consultant
Katie Jackson Leaves Consultant
Jurrisha Johnson Lead leaves Consultant 510-610-4753
Gabe Schmidt Health Care Facilitator 510-387-8795
Denise Scott Benefits Assistant III
Janet Suko Benefits Program Coordinator 510-219-9287
You can also contact Benefits via the People & Culture HR Support Center at (510) 664-9000, option 3.


Consultants are available to meet with HR Business Partners and employees on health and welfare issues and to interpret health and welfare policy and procedures.