HR Records Management

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The HR Records Management Team is responsible for the fulfillment and maintenance of UC Berkeley’s active employee and historical personnel records ensuring they are kept safe, secure, and accessed in a confidential manner thereby reducing litigation risk to the campus. Additionally, the Records team is responsible for seniority, service, and employment credit for longevity awards, leave accruals, and EDD claims, as well as union dues administration and verification of employment/verification of income to outside organizations.

Additional services they provide: 

  • Employment verification requests (for current, previous, Government background checks or temporary agency employees)
  • Historical I-9s in Tracker
  • Personnel files record management
  • Seniority points calculations
  • Service credits audits toward vacation accruals
  • Subpoena requests (court orders)
  • Tracker I-9 purge report audits
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims (EDD claims)
  • Union deductions

If you are a current Berkeley employee, here is how to submit your service request to the Records Management Team:

  1. Open/create an HR Service Hub request/ticket at:
  2. Select the option, "Employee Changes"
  3. Select "Employment Records"
  4. Complete all questions, including the specifics of your request and attach any corresponding documents and select "Submit"

If you are a non-Berkeley employee or outside vendor/company, submit your request by:

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