HR Records Management

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The HR Records Management Team provides a variety of support to the Berkeley campus. They handle: 

  • Employment verification requests (for current, previous, Government background checks or temporary agency employees)
  • Historical I-9s in Tracker
  • Personnel files record management
  • Seniority points calculations
  • Service credits audits toward vacation accruals
  • Subpoena requests (court orders)
  • Tracker I-9 purge report audits
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims (EDD claims)
  • Union deductions

If you are a current Berkeley employee, here is how to submit your service request to the Records Management Team:

  1. Open/create an HR Service Hub request/ticket at:
  2. Select the option, "Employee Changes"
  3. Select "Employment Records"
  4. Complete all questions, including the specifics of your request and attach any corresponding documents and select "Submit"

If you are a non-Berkeley employee or outside vendor/company, submit your request by:

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