Achieve Together

What are the program goals?

The Achieve Together program has two primary goals:

  1. Build collaborative partnerships between employees and managers 
  2. Support a workforce that is engaged, agile, and performance driven

What is Achieve Together?

The performance development program for non-represented employees and managers driven by a series of regular check-in conversations and results-driven goals, supported by these key program elements:

  • Employees & managers start having check-in conversations 3x per year to discuss current and future performance
  • Goals set for any length of time based on your work priorities, not just an annual review period
  • Clear expectations for what and how we accomplish our work focused on job mastery, goal accomplishment, innovation, and collaboration
  • A simple online form to document check-in conversations and review goals for both managers and employees to use
  • Begin moving toward alignment between unit/UC Berkeley strategies and employees' goals and work priorities 
  • Continued in-person and online training and resources for individual contributors and managers
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How can I prepare now?

Explore the Achieve Together site to learn more about the program! You can also watch the video below for a quick overview of Achieve Together.

Getting Started with Achieve Together

Getting Started with Achieve Together