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Human Resources, in cooperation with UC Berkeley University Extension, is proud to announce that we have renewed the University Extension Sponsored Tuition program. 

Sponsored Tuition is a career development initiative spearheaded by Central HR in 2013, which provides free tuition for eligible employees. UC Berkeley employees can take one course per year from our approved course listing with no costs to the employee.

To learn more about this professional development opportunity, please review the application form and program description in the UC Learning Center or in the PDFs below.

For additional information and questions, contact the Staff Learning and Development team at grow@berkeley.edu or UC Berkeley Extension at (510) 642-4111.


                    Fall 2019 Class List                                         2019 Program Description

Choosing Courses

At UC Berkeley, workforce learning and development is a joint, on-going effort on the part of employees, supervisors, and the campus. Employees should discuss available Extension courses with their supervisors to determine which courses can develop skills for current or future job duties and are a good fit with development plans and career goals. Employees must plan and receive supervisor approval for leave arrangements if they want to attend a course during working hours.

To View a list of available courses, download the Class List PDF.

Eligibility Requirements

UC Berkeley staff employees must be in an eligible personnel program or participating bargaining unit. Beginning in FY 2016, sponsored tuition is aligned with STAR eligibility criteria.
Employees who are eligible for the Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) program are eligible for the sponsored tuition program, if they meet all of the following criteria: 
1. Those eligible are a: 
a. PPSM (PSS or MSP) employee, or
b. Teamsters (CX) employee 
2. Have successfully completed their probationary period, if applicable, 
3. Are a Career staff employee (appointments 2 and 7) or Contract staff employee (appointment 1), 
4. Received a “meets expectations” or better overall rating on their most recent annual performance evaluation, and
5. Employee must be on pay status at the time of enrollment


Staff Employees receiving sponsored tuition are responsible for:
  • Abiding by all UC Berkeley Extension policies.
  • Satisfying eligibility requirements and completing the enrollment process.
  • Discussing courses with their supervisors to determine how the course:
    • supports the employee's professional development
    • relates to current or future job responsibilities
  • Getting approval from supervisors for course enrollment and resolution of any work schedule conflicts.
  • Obtaining the support and signature of their supervisors to attend the course.
  • Sponsored enrollments will be subject to the same enrollment deadlines as all other students.
    • Withdrawal after the drop deadline may jeopardize future participation in the program.
    • To drop or withdraw, please contact UC Berkeley Extension at extension@berkeley.edu.
  • Successfully passing L&D sponsored courses with a credit letter grade of "C-" or better, a grade of pass "P" or continuing education units "CEU".
    • All "I" grades (incompletes) must be completed within the timelines as agreed upon with the instructor before an employee can request to enroll into another L&D-sponsored course.
    • Employees will become ineligible to take future courses sponsored through the L&D Sponsored Tuition program for any of the following circumstances:
      • Completing a course with a grade of "D", "F", "NP" or "W".
      • Requesting a not for credit "NC" grading option.
      • Failure to complete the coursework within the timelines as agreed upon with the instructor in order to resolve an "I" grade (incomplete).

Information and Enrollment

To enroll, visit the UC Learning Center:

  • Go to UC Learning Center
  • Authenticate using your Calnet ID
  • In the Search box (top right hand corner), type Sponsored Tuition
  • There will be two documents to review:
    • Sponsored Tuition Enrollment Form
    • Sponsored Tuition Program Description
  • Click on Sponsored Tuition Enrollment Form and select START