Informal & Social Learning

Informal and social learning opportunities are ways to develop professionally outside of a traditional classroom, or  training environment (aka formal learning). They can be done by taking on new projects, reading, viewing videos, self-study, mentoring, communities of practice, informational interviewing, and more.


Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice bring together staff with similar professional interests, and serve as a community to share knowledge and offer professional development. They develop a shared collective of resources and tools to enhance particular skills.

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Identity-Based Staff Orgs

Identity-Based Staff Orgs celebrate the diversity of our staff members, while also offering a safe space on campus to share, support, and learn about each other. 

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Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups are solution-oriented social learning development opportunities used to share strategies on pressing topics and build community.

Mentorship Program - Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA)

A volunteer program that pairs experienced campus staff members (mentors) with staff who are looking to develop themselves professionally (mentees).


LinkedIn Learning

Choose from over 16,600 online courses across a wide variety of topics, free for UC Berkeley staff.

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Transferable Skills Library

An online library with articles, courses, and videos to help you develop the 20 most transferable skills across all unrepresented job standards in the UC system. 

Wisdom Cafe

A learning community featuring a weekly newsletter and a variety of additional resources.