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The Wisdom Café is a site for learning and sharing wisdom - the go-to place for all staff when they have a learning- related question, to get involved in discussions with their colleagues and to find information about professional and career development.

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Managing Excellently: How do you set or model a team's culture?

Discover how UCB Excellence in Management award winners handle this situation and use their responses to help you on your aspiring or current management journey.

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This is the space where UCB staff share how they've navigated job and career changes on campus. Feel free to reach out to people with listed e-mails if you have any follow up questions or want to do an informational interview(link is external).

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Campus Conversations: Campus Safety

Tuesday, September 12: 12-1PM
Campus Conversation: Campus safety

Join the conversation with UC Berkeley Chief of Police Yogananda Pittman in a discussion about campus safety. Chief Pittman will talk about cultural changes on the campus in terms of the community relationship with UCPD, challenges of policing in an open campus environment and what the community can do to collaborate with law enforcement.

Click here for more information on Campus Conversations.

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This September is time to look for purpose in the new Academic Year