Proactive Professional Development: Create Resume-Building Opportunities Within Your Current Position

Presenter: Sasha Ann Keller, Andrea Parthasarathy, Noam Pines

Session Description: Do you want to gain experience in an area outside your current position’s scope but are unsure how to do it? Do you wonder if you would enjoy working in another function, unit, or area and would like to test the waters first before you dive in?

In this session, you will learn about stretch assignments and other professional development opportunities that can be created within your current position. You will learn how to start the conversation about these growth opportunities with your manager, and managers will learn how they can support on-the-job professional development.

The presenters will offer examples of employee-tailored professional development experiences, share the benefits to managers who sponsor and support these activities, as well as template agreements, resources, and tools to help you discover and map the next move in your career journey starting where you are right now.

Attendees will:

  • Gain a broader understanding of hands-on professional development opportunities that bring tangible results
  • Access resources, tools, and tips to structure and advocate for your own professional development experience
  • Identify your destination and develop an opportunity and action plan to move toward your goal