Mapping Success Through Culture Fit: Discovering Potential in Community and Collaboration

Presenter: Dr. Darla Shaw

Session Description: Aligning personal values with organizational culture is vital in today’s workplaces. This session, led by an HR and Hiring expert, highlights hiring for culture fit and the importance of community building. We'll explore Work Culture Archetypes—Creative Cloud, Blaze Performance, Flow Innovation, Steadfast Traditional, and Harmony Balance. Strategies will be shared for identifying candidates who match these cultural values, beyond technical skills. This approach aims to foster an environment where individuals can flourish, contributing to a diverse, innovative, and respectful community. Attendees will learn to create an inclusive workplace that supports personal and professional growth, cultivating a thriving organizational culture.

Attendees will:

  • Master the art of defining and evaluating culture fit, employing Work Culture Archetypes to enhance the hiring and interviewing framework, and facilitating a pathway for individuals to discover and leverage their potential.
  • Develop strategies to nurture a sense of community and belonging, crucial for collaborative success and individual career mapping within the organizational landscape.
  • Adopt continuous improvement and learning as key tools in aligning talent acquisition with the evolving dynamics of organizational culture and individual growth aspirations.

This session is sponsored by PepsiCo.