Fuel Your People Power: Developing the Top In Demand Workplace Skills

Presenter: Kelsey Neff

Session Description: Fuel Your People Power: Developing the Top In Demand Workplace Skills is designed to transform your career trajectory! In today's competitive workplace, success relies not just on technical expertise but on mastering essential soft skills.

This session covers a spectrum of vital soft skills, from communication and leadership to teamwork, creativity, time management, and adaptability. Engage in dynamic learning through hands-on activities tailored to address the unique challenges professionals face today.

Investing in your soft skills is investing in your success. Stand out in a competitive job market, foster a collaborative work environment, and tackle challenges with resilience. Ready to take your career to the next level? Your success story starts here!

Attendees will:

  • Learn about the 12 essential People Skills that are in demand for top employers.
  • Learn how to self-assess their top strengths and challenges within the 12 skills.
  • Be provided suggestions on how to develop healthy, attainable goals surrounding their challenge areas.
  • Leave feeling both equipped and inspired to continue learning how to develop and master the top in-demand People Skills!