Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: Why Identity Matters

Presenter: Hanna Bankier

Session Description: We experience conflicts all the time. Conflict is a feature, not a bug. Whether it’s productive or destructive is all in how we are handling them.

This workshop is interactive. Participants are equipped with an Action Guide to integrate the learnings. I’m using case study examples from my practice and slides to illustrate important content.

Conflict is a part of life, it’s healthy! Conflict is part of the operating system. It’s a good thing that we have different opinions, and we want to do things differently. We want to avoid group think and we want to take many perspectives into account when making decisions.

Conflicts at work impact your career development, so let’s get skilled and map out your success!

When mediating and coaching around conflict, I often focus less on what the conflict is about on the surface: “they give me their contributions to the report too late”, “they withhold information”, “they are not staying in their lane”, “they ….”

Instead, I work with the parties on naming their power dynamic, their relationship, and their identities. Identifying what the conflict really is about.

Here are the types of goals and interests people are in conflict about. We use a nifty acronym: TRIP

  • T - topic: what we want
  • R - relational: who we are to each other
  • I - identity: who am I in this interaction
  • P - procedural: what communication process to use

Two goals are consistently propelling disputes and conflicts:

  1. R - relational
  2. I - identity

Attendees will work with a conflict they are experiencing, and we will cover:

  • Diversity profile
  • Belonging
  • Conflict styles
  • Emotions
  • Identity & Reputation

Attendees will:

  1. Walk away with a new understanding of conflict and the importance of identity in shaping the outcome of the conflict.
  2. Be equipped with a conflict resolution template
  3. Start using tools to get more skilled at conflict
  4. Understand when a conflict is about the topic