Dante's Comedy and the Art of Work

Presenter: Nicole Pagano

AboutWhat if a wise and beautiful work of art could help you turn toward the promise and challenges of our time and inspire a new way forward? Can diverse experiences serve as a springboard for transformative work? Perhaps, after a year of unprecedented change and isolation, you feel motivated to dig deep or chart a fresh path—or both!

The Divine Comedy is a poetic masterpiece by Dante Alighieri that has inspired readers for over seven centuries and remains one of the most actively translated works of all time. The poem’s lasting relevance speaks to the rewarding journey it offers readers to this day—from a place of troubling uncertainty to one of courage and community. In a world that can feel more divided than ever, we will turn to the souls in Dante’s Commedia for their wisdom on the themes of work and see how they can support our professional growth and the service we provide for others.

This workshop will offer an introduction to Dante’s opus and a brief visit to his realms of the afterlife: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Our activities will incorporate artistic renderings of the poem to accommodate multiple learning styles. Attendees will be asked to work in one small group and participate in brief reflection exercises that require no previous knowledge of the poem. All are welcome!

Workshop Materials: