Wisdom Café Wednesday

Each Wednesday we send out a short newsletter tailored to the unique needs of UCB staff. These newsletters provide subscribers with a concise, curated list of relevant resources to support the growth and connection within the staff community.

The Archives:

We have organized past Wisdom Café Wednesday articles and resources using the UC Systemwide Core Competency ABCsCompetencies are identified knowledge, skills, and abilities that describe employee traits which directly and positively impact the success of the employee and the organization. Across the UC system, competencies have been identified for all staff, including managers and supervisors, professional staff, and operational/technical staff. 

Career success in an organization is both about what you do (applying your technical knowledge, skills, and ability) and how you do it (the consistent behaviors you demonstrate and choose to use) while interacting and communicating with others at work. By studying the UC Systemwide Core Competency ABCs and working to refine your skill level in each competency, you can take charge of your career and the work you do. You can empower yourself to make positive contributions at work and find the work you do rewarding and meaningful.

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