Ways People Might Misread Your Body Language

An illustration of two people, one with their hands behind their back and another with their hands on their hips.

Research shows that when your verbal and nonverbal signals are out of alignment, people are forced to choose between what they hear and what they see. And subconsciously, they'll believe your body language. In this course, workplace body-language expert Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD, reveals how body language is perceived and often misread, and shares the six nonverbal signals you need to know to make a positive first impression. She also discusses the importance of body language for leaders, and shows how you can establish leadership presence. Lastly, she provides simple and effective tips on communicating with gestures and stance.

Topics include:

  • Assess how your body language signals are perceived.
  • Discover how to align your body language with your words.
  • Determine how to make a positive first impression.
  • Identify how to convey confidence.
  • Evaluate your vocal tone.

Watch the video here.