Save Time in Excel

Want to take your Excel game to the next level? In this course, veteran Excel trainer and instructor Dennis Taylor shares powerful tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can help you leverage more of what Excel has to offer. Learn time-saving tricks for creating formulas rapidly, accelerating data entry, and naviagating within worksheets efficiently. Plus, discover drag and drop techniques, formatting shortcuts, charting and PivotTable tips, and much more.

Note: This course was recorded on Excel for Office 365; however, most of the contents will benefit anyone using Office 2019 or 2016.

Topics include:

  • creating charts with keystroke shortcuts
  • expanding and collapsing ribbo nand full-screen views
  • display shortcuts
  • efficiently navigating between workbooks and worksheets
  • selecting entire rows, columns, regions, and worksheets
  • data entry and editing shortcuts
  • rapidly creating formulas
  • operational and formatting shortcuts
  • data management techniques

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