How to Share Your Insight on Wisdom Cafe

Wisdom Cafe is where UCB staff can share and gain knowledge that will help colleagues enhance their skills, community, or career trajectory.

Benefits of Submitting an Article on Wisdom Cafe

Submitting an article can give you: greater credibility on the topic, a professional online presence, a new addition to your LinkedIn profile, and an opportunity for colleagues to share relevant opportunities with you and network with you.

What You Need to Know to Submit an Article

Submissions must:

  • be from a current UCB staff member
  • aim to help UCB staff grow their skills, campus community, or careers

How to Submit

  • E-mail with an editable Google Doc of your submission
  • At the end of your feature include your title, department, and years within the UCB community and if you're open to people contacting you include your e-mail address and/or LinkedIn profile URL
  • Attach at least one image to the email (do not place in the Google Doc)
  • The image's file name must be labeled according to what it represents (e.g. colleagues chatting, or Oski Bear)

Bonus Ideas

  • We will edit for clarity and grammar and share with you before we post it for final approval
  • Aim to keep submissions around 500-1000 words
  • Use subheaders to help the reader navigate
  • Write for a general audience without very specific industry terms


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