Developing Self-Awareness

While a multitude of factors can go into the making of a successful person, nearly all individuals who achieve high levels of personal and professional success have a keen sense of self-awareness. In this course, learn how to become more self-aware in order to develop yourself personally and enhance career progression. Organizational psychologist Gemma Roberts helps you learn how to develop your self-awareness so that you can understand how others see you, and better align your actions with your intentions. She explains how to identify beliefs to enhance self-awareness, step outside of yourself to gain a different perspective, leverage a self-awareness action plan, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying beliefs to enhance self-awareness
  • Stepping outside of yourself
  • Self-awareness strategies
  • Reflecting and enhancing self-awareness
  • Identifying the ripple effect
  • Managing stress
  • Seeking feedback to boost self-awareness
  • Choosing your self-awareness strategies
  • Top tips for self-awareness success

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