What are some ways to retain talented and diverse staff?

Managing Excellently

Wisdom Cafe took frequently asked questions of participants in the Manager Mastermind Group and sought answers from UCB colleagues who have been awarded an Excellence in Management award by the Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA). The Managing Excellently series is a compilation of these responses meant to help all staff on their aspiring or current management journeys.

What are some ways to retain talented and diverse staff?


Linda Marmolejo, HR Supervisor 
2017 Excellence in Management Award Winner

I think the best thing to do is find out what their goals are and encourage them to reach those goals regardless of whether it is with me and my team or in another dept. Once I find out the goals I see where they can fit in our region to meet those goals. I also encourage them to take classes and do what they can to find out what they would like to achieve here at Berkeley. Sometimes we don't and should not retain as it is not the right stepping stone for that employee.

susanne kauer headshotSusanne Kauer, Executive Director, EECS Center for Student Affairs 
2014 Excellence in Management Award Winner

I think allowing staff to work in areas that are rewarding to them is the best way to retain them.

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Naseem Ghaffari, Manager, People, Performance and Business Operations

2018 Excellence in Management Award Winner
nghaffari@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail)

The easiest way in my opinion is to show them your team and organization is committed to maintaining and developing talented and diverse staff. When you build an organization around these ideals and themes, it allows for employees to feel connected to these ideas and gives them a space where they can further develop these ideals within the workplace.

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