Gender Inclusive and Single Stall Restrooms on UC Berkeley Central Campus

This is a list of gender-inclusive and single-stall bathroom locations on the central campus of UC Berkeley, created as a resource for trans* and gender non-conforming community members, though this resource may be useful to others (e.g. people with different-gender personal attendants or children).

This list contains unisex bathrooms, as well as single-sex bathrooms that are either one-room bathrooms with a lock on the main door, or small multi-stall single-sex bathrooms in discrete locations to which few people go. They will be designated accordingly: "One-room bathroom" and "Small multi-stall bathroom." For multi-stall restrooms, note the Bathroom Sign column to identify if it's gender-specific or gender-inclusive.

NumberBuildingBathroom SignLocationADANotes
1 Moffitt Undergraduate Library Women/Men 1st floor, next to the Free Speech Movement Cafe Yes One-room
2 Doe Library Unisex Basement Yes One-room: Marked ADA, key in Newspapers and Microforms library
3 Mulford Women/Men 12, 40, 156 Yes One-room bathroom, small multi-stall
4 Tang Center Unisex All Tang bathrooms Yes One-room
5 O'Brien Women 4th floor, across from elevator Yes Small multi-stall
6 Donner Women 104 (women), 153 (men), 256 (women) Yes

104: One room

153/256: Small multi-stall

7 Latimer Women/Men Lobby, 213, 215, 292 Yes Small multi-stall
8 Gilman Women Across from 118 Yes Small multi-stall
9 Birge Women 44A, 44B Yes Small multi-stall
10 Stephens Unisex Next to room 242 Yes Unisex multi-stall
11 Moses Women/Men Basement, 311, 313 Yes Small multi-stall
12 Cesar Chevaz Student Center Women/Men/Unisex Basement Yes One-room
13 Golden Bear Cafe Men Inside of GBC Yes One-room
14 Wurster Unisex Next to 403 Yes One-room
15 Boalt Hall of Law Unisex, Women/Men 285, 348, 350, 448, 450 Yes One-room
16 Simon Unisex 496, 596, 696, 896 Yes One-room
17 Haviland Unisex 318 Yes Unisex multi-stall, space for lactation provided

Below is a link to a PDF with the list of bathrooms (page 1) and a map of their location (page 2).