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Information about Academic Student Employee (ASE) Job Opportunities (UAW Contract)

General Information

The University of California, Berkeley employs more than 2,000 Academic Student Employees (ASE) each academic term. The terms and conditions of employment for individuals holding ASE appointments are described in the UAW Contract.

Types of Jobs Available: Academic Student Employee Job Titles

ASEs are employed in seven different job titles. Following is a general description of the duties performed by appointees in each of the titles.

  • Graduate Student Instructor (GSI): The GSIs may be employed at one of four different levels. Following is a brief description for each level.
    • Step I: GSIs are responsible only for the conduct of discussion or laboratory sections, under the active direction and supervision of a regular member of the faculty who has final responsibility for the course's entire instruction, including the performance of GSIs. GSIs, Step I, are not responsible for instructional content of the course, selection of assignments, planning of exams, or determining term grades.
    • Step II: GSIs at this level have responsibilities that are similar to the Step 1 responsibilities. However, students appointed to GSI, Step II, may be chosen because of their competence to conduct the entire instruction of a lower division course under the general supervision of a regular faculty member.
    • Step III: GSIs at Step III should be competent to conduct the instruction of a lower division course under faculty supervision. When departments propose the assignment of GSIs to assist in graduate level courses, the Graduate Division requires that students be in a different stage of their degree programs (post-master's level for assisting in master's level courses or advanced to doctoral candidacy for doctoral level courses). Under these circumstances, these GSIs will not be in competition for the same pool of financial aid as their students. Appointments to the GSI, Step III level are by the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division.
    • Step IV: Appointment to this step involves additional responsibilities beyond those typically assigned to Steps I, II, and III (such as super vision of other GSIs) and is subject to formal review and approval by the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division.

Please note: appointment to all positions above GSI, Step I should not be made until the appointment is reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division.

  • Acting Instructor — Graduate Student (AI-GS): Appointees to the Graduate Student Acting Instructor title are employed to render services as the Instructor of Record for a particular upper division course as approved by the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division and approved by the Committee on Courses. In that role, the Acting Instructor shall have independent responsibility for developing the course syllabus, reading assignments, assignment of grades including response to grade appeals, and other duties as assigned. All Graduate Student Acting Instructors must be registered and enrolled Berkeley students who have been advanced to candidacy in a doctoral program and have at least two years of post-baccalaureate university- or college-level teaching experience.
  • Reader: Appointees to the Reader title are employed to render diverse services as course assistants, which will normally include the grading of student papers and examinations. A Reader's duties may also include: attendance at lectures, office hours, consultation with the instructor, and other duties as assigned. Readers may not perform teaching duties.
  • Tutor: Appointees to the Tutor title are employed to render individual or group instructional activities in support of regular academic programs. Under supervision, a Tutor's duties may include: individual tutoring sessions, group tutoring sessions, presentation at workshops, and other duties as assigned. Tutors do not perform teaching duties assigned to the GSI series.
  • Nursery School Assistant: Appointees to the Nursery School Assistant title are employed to assist in the teaching and activity programs of a nursery school and other duties as assigned. Employment shall be related to a regular academic program.
  • Community Teaching Fellow: Appointees are employed to participate in community- based teaching fellow programs involving initiatives designed to improve and enrich instruction and curricula and to perform other duties as assigned in the public schools. Departments must obtain approval from the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division before using this title.
  • Teaching Fellow: The Teaching Fellow title is not currently in use on the Berkeley campus.

Minimum Qualifications for Academic Student Employees

ASEs who are in positions that require registration and enrollment must be registered and enrolled as Berkeley students. ASEs must meet minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements (3.1 for GSIs and GSAIs; 3.0 for Readers, Tutors, Community Teaching Fellows, and Nursery School Assistants), may have no more than two Incomplete grades in upper division or graduate level courses, and are expected to make satisfactory progress toward their degrees within the Normative Time for their programs. Students on academic probation are not eligible to hold ASE titles (lapsing of candidacy is a form of academic probation). Students with Course Work Only or Visitor designation may not hold academic appointments unless the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division has approved an exception in advance.

Where registration and enrollment is required, ASEs must register and enroll in a minimum of 8 units per semester in 100, 200, 300, or 400 series courses during the term in which they serve. Lower division units taken to prepare for departmental requirements may be substituted for 100-level courses. Units in the 600 series may be substituted for 200-level units when appropriate. When registration and enrollment in a 300 series course is required for the position, the ASE is required to enroll, participate in, and complete the 300 series course. The only exception to the registration rule is approved Filing Fee status. ASEs who meet the requirements for Filing Fee status can use the Filing Fee without losing eligibility for their appointments. They may pay the Filing Fee rather than the full registration fee only for the semester in which they complete requirements for their degrees. Filing Fee status must be approved by the third week of the semester in which they plan to complete the requirements for their degrees, so the Filing Fee application must be submitted by the end of the first week of instruction.

ASEs who are students may not be appointed to any academic (or nonacademic title) or combination of titles for more than 50 percent time during academic semesters, regardless of their registration status.

Students on F-1 visas do not require permission to hold ASE appointments for 50% or less of full-time during the regular academic term. All ASEs on J-1 visas must have permission from their program sponsors to hold an ASE appointment.

In addition to the campuswide qualifications described above, departments may have additional departmental level qualifications for positions. The qualifications for positions are established at the sole discretion of the University. Exceptions to campuswide qualifications may only be requested by the hiring department, and can only be approved by the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division. Requests for exception to campuswide qualifications should be sent to Associate Dean Joseph J. Duggan. The individual hiring unit may approve requests for exceptions to department level qualifications.

Projected Number of ASE Positions for the Next Academic Year

Individuals who want additional information about the numbers of ASE positions that departments have projected for the coming academic year, as well as contact information to find out more about positions at the departmental level, should check the Expected ASE Job Opportunities table. Please note: this information is only a projection and is not a guarantee of the actual number of ASE positions that will be available or filled.

Statement of Non-Discrimination in Employment

Consistent with the provisions of applicable state and federal law, the University shall not engage in discrimination or harassment of any person seeking employment with the University of California on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, medical condition, ancestry, HIV status, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, status as a Vietnam-era veteran or special disabled veteran, political affiliation, or union activity. For purposes of this paragraph, medical condition means any health impairment related to or associated with the diagnosis of cancer, or health impairments related to genetic characteristics.

Other Helpful Resources

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