How to Comply with the Web Accessibility Procedures

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Course Title: How to Comply with the Web Accessibility Procedures

Course Code: BE-DAP-ECO

Duration: Approximately 10 minutes 

Frequency: Required annually

You can access the course via this direct link.

Covered Individuals (an officer, employee, contractor, or other individual whose duties include creating, uploading, and managing Online Content on a UC Berkeley Platform on behalf of a Berkeley Entity) must complete this mandatory training to ensure compliance with the Web Accessibility Procedures. For additional role-based training please review the training information and instructions page on the Digital Accessibility Program website. Training is available for web content editors, designers, document creators, developers, and digital communicators.

Annually, UC Berkeley is required to report data for the mandatory training to the US Department of Justice. Higher engagement and completion reflect our community’s dedication to creating and deploying accessible web content.

This course is required by the Consent Decree between the US Department of Justice and UC Berkeley. 

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