Conflict of Interest Briefing for Designated Officials

Two hands exchanging money with a warning sign.

Course Title: Conflict of Interest Briefing for Designated Officials

Course Code: COIDO-UC-ECO

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes 

Frequency: Required every two (2) years

This briefing is designed to help you recognize and deal with conflict of interest situations that may arise within the scope of your University employment. This orientation is being given to all designated officials - those employees whose positions are listed in the University's Conflict of Interest Code and are required to file Statements of Economic Interest, Form 700. 

The purpose of financial disclosure is to alert public officials to personal interests that might be affected while they are performing their official duties (i.e., making governmental decisions). Disclosure also helps inform the public about potential conflicts of interest.

This course is required by The California Political Reform Act.

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