BPM Part 1: Grow Today Certificate (Managers and Supervisors)

An org chart with a smiling manager in a yellow suit showing three workers who report to them.

Course Title: BPM Part 1: Grow Today Certificate - 17 total modules/courses

Bundle Name: Grow Today Bundle

Duration: Each module is about 30 - 45 mins. This course includes 17 modules and takes about 8 to 10 hours to complete in total. We encourage you to spread out your learning over several sessions.

Frequency: One time training 

You can access the course via this direct link

This fully online series is designed for all managers and supervisors, from seasoned people leaders to those desiring to become a manager, supervisors, or team leaders. Seasoned people leaders use these content refreshers for pertinent people management information. Aspiring leaders use these quick learning experiences to gain a sense of the breadth of knowledge and depth of responsibility required for a campus leadership role.

As part of this training, you will complete the UC Managing Implicit Bias certificate as well.

This course is required by UC Berkeley policy.

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