Employment Status Change

During the course of your employment, especially if you are hired in a temporary, contract or part-time position and are initially eligible for only the Mid-Level or Core benefits package, you may become eligible for Full (or Mid-Level, if you had Core) benefits.

750/1,000 hours

If you are not eligible for the Full benefits package and you work more than 1,000 eligible hours (750 for lecturers) in a 12-month period, you become eligible for Full benefits the first of the month following the month you reach 1,000 hours (750 for lecturers).   This does not affect your employment status.

Hours that count towards full benefits

Appointment Changes

During the course of your employment your appointment may change and that change may affect your benefits eligibility.  If this occurs, your Department Benefits Counselor should counsel you about any changes, but you can also ask them if you have any questions.  If you have additional questions your department cannot answer, they will refer you to the Central HR Benefits Unit.

In some situations, you will gain eligibility for benefits; some situations may have no impact; and in some situations you may lose benefits eligibility.  Here are the kinds of changes that might occur:

Gain Eligibility:

  1. Temporary appointment is extended beyond 12 months at 50% time or more
  2. You work more than 1,000 hours (750 for lecturers) in a 12-month period

No Impact:

  1. Transfer within the UC system from one career position to another.

Lose Eligibility:

  1. Appointment and/or hours worked drop below 43.75% average over the course of a 12-month rolling period.
  2. Move from a career appointment to a student reserved appointment, such as a Graduate Student Instructor or Researcher (GSI or GSR)

Temporary Layoff

During a temporary layoff, you may continue coverage for up to four months after the month your temporary layoff begins. The University will continue to pay the UC contributions for your medical, dental and vision plans for up to three months in a calendar year beginning after your last paycheck with plan contributions. You must make arrangements to pay your portion of the medical plan premium and other employee paid benefits directly to the Payroll Office. See the Benefits: Continue/Cancel University Coverage form  (PDF) for instructions. For complete details on what happens to your benefits during a temporary layoff, read the Temporary Layoff checklist.