Temporary Move FAQ’s

  1. What happens if an employee decides to temporarily move away from the campus area due to/during Covid-19?

If an employee can work remotely and decides to move, they need to update UCPath with their new address. This will impact where any university mail is sent. They should also work with their supervisor to update their Temporary Remote Work AgreementNote: moving out of state, or to a different city, may also impact income tax liabilities and change filing requirements per federal, state, or local laws. Moving out of the country cannot generally be accommodated because of the different tax and labor laws outside of the U.S. and must be discussed with and approved by your supervisor prior to moving if you would like to continue your UC employment while out of the country. Please visit the Controllers Office website for other helpful information that you may need to be aware of if you temporarily move. 

  1. What happens to my UC Benefits if I move out of the area?

In the event an Eligible Employee and/or eligible Family Member moves or is transferred out of the service area of a University-sponsored plan that does not provide benefits to individuals who no longer reside, live or work in the service area, or who will be away from the service area for more than two months, the Eligible Employee has 31 days to enroll in another University-sponsored plan available in the Eligible Employee’s or eligible Family Member’s new location. Upon return to the service area, the Employee will have 31 days to re-enroll in the same HMO, or another arrangement, they had at the time of the move out of the area. If the employee fails to enroll in a University-sponsored plan within 31 days of moving, they will not be able to make changes until the next open enrollment period or qualifying event

  1. Can an employee change their work hours/schedule due to a temporary move?

It is expected that all UC Berkeley employees’ work schedules coincide with what’s most conducive/appropriate for campus operations which are generally considered between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm PST. However, an employee may work an alternative schedule with supervisors’ approval as appropriate.

  1. If I decide to temporarily move and my supervisor requires me to come to campus for a day, will I be reimbursed for my travel cost?

No. If an employee decides to move temporarily, all expenses incurred to travel to and from campus are at the expense of the employee, not the University.

  1. Who is responsible for determining when my Temporary Remote Work Agreement will end?

Your supervisor is responsible for determining when your Temporary Remote Work Agreement will end.

  1. If I decide to move, will I be required to return to the area when campus reopens or when my Temporary Remote Work Agreement has ended?

When your Temporary Remote Work Agreement ends, you will be required to return to campus unless you have reached an alternative agreement with your supervisor.