Criteria for Determining Benefits Eligiblity and Career Status

Use the criteria below to determine whether appointments and hours count toward career status and full benefits eligibility.

Appointment Criteria

First, the appointment must qualify. Some exclusions are due to long-standing UCRP rules.

Appointment TypesUCRP BELI 1Career Status
Limited Appointments for PPSM-covered staff, as well as Limited Appointments for represented staff covered under labor contracts Yes Yes
Academic appointments which are considered "limited appointment equivalent" and are not otherwise excluded from UCRP Staff employees with employment "contract positions" under PPSM policy section 3 "Limitedl" staff appointments under union contracts without the Limited Appointment provision Yes No

Active PERS members in Limited Appointments* (Few, if any)
Employees in Limited Appointments who receive "special compensation" but no "covered compensation."* Students in Limited Appointments which are LESS than 100% (here primarily for the purpose of education/training)*

No Yes
Rehired Retirees in Limited Appointments *below Yes
Rehired Retirees in appointments which are equivalent to Limited Appointments and which are not otherwise excluded from UCRP *below No
Per diem*; Employees hired after August 1, 1989, as visiting appointees*; Regents' Professors or Regents' Lecturers*; Casual Restricted appointments*;
By Agreement appointments paid as a flat dollar amount not tied to hours worked*.
No No

*Rehired retirees will be subject to having hours counted toward active UCRP membership unless they sign a UCRP election form which explicitly exempts them from accruing additional UCRP Service Credit during the period of reemployment. Signing the UCRP election form will allow monthly retirement income to continue uninterrupted by periods of active UCRP membership. Rehired Retiree policy must be followed when rehiring a UC retiree. See Rehiring UC Retirees.

Hours Criteria

For qualifying appointments, hours accrued during/within the 12-month period must be "eligible hours."

Types of HoursUCRP BELI 1Career Status
Eligible hours on pay status include regular time worked, sick leave, extended sick leave, vacation, compensatory time off, military leave, administrative leave, jury duty, and holidays. Yes Yes
Eligible hours on pay status within the 12-month period PRIOR to rehire or to a new appointment in which:
a) Any breaks in service are less than 120 days;
b) Hours were accrued while covered by UCRP.
Yes Yes

Eligible hours on pay status within the 12-month period PRIOR to rehire or to a new appointment in which:
a) Hours were accrued prior to a 120-day break in service (hours are tracked by PPS);
b) Hours were accrued while designated as "career employment status"; (hours are tracked by PPS);
c) Hours were accrued at another location (hours are NOT tracked by PPS; manual process only).

Yes No
Overtime, "on call" hours, shift differentials. Also hours worked in "floater" appointments (TAP). No No