Life Events

At times in your life, you will have changes in your family that may affect your benefits. Most changes must be made within 31 days of the date of the event.

The UCnet site covers many of the life events that impact benefits. Information can be found in the Using Your Benefits section. 

If a family member loses eligibility for coverage on your UC plans, such as through divorce or a child becoming too old to be covered, you must remove them from your plans within 31 days of the date of the event.  The family member may be eligible for COBRA. 

You must request a COBRA packet from the People & Culture Benefits Team — deadlines apply.  If you do not remove ineligible family members from the UC plans in a timely manner, there are severe consequences.

Whenever you have changes in your family, it is a good idea to review your beneficiaries and make sure they are up to date.

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