Police Officers Unit (PA) Bargaining Unit Update

Bargaining Update – Police Contract Negotiations

UC presented the Federated University Police Officers Association with a revised offer for a new four year contract on May 22, 2013. The revised offer would provide guaranteed wage increases each year for four years, with the first 3% wage increase effective upon ratification of the contract. In the University’s original offer the 3% increase was to take effect in July. In practical terms this means that if FUPOA voted to ratify this new offer on June 7th for example, the 3% wage increase would take effect on that date.

Total Wage Proposal:

  • 3% across the board increase effective upon ratification
  • 3% across the board July 2014
  • 3% across the board July 2015
  • 3% across the board July 2016

For those officers moving through the step progression, this increase coupled with their step increase equates to an 8% per year increase in wages.

UC's proposal also includes excellent healthcare benefits, retirement benefits and working conditions.

While pension reform changes have been implemented for both the State of California and California State University safety officers that raise the age of retirement to 55 or 57 years of age and lower the benefit, UC officers are not being asked to change their retirement formula. This means UC officers will retain the 3% at 50 years of age formula for calculating pension benefits.

UC believes this is a fair offer that provides guaranteed wage increases for all eligible officers for four years, with the first wage increase going into effect as soon as union members ratify the proposal.

The university believes that police officers should be fully aware of the University's proposal. Any delay in allowing members to vote on accepting this offer would delay the effective date of the first wage increase. If UC's offer is not accepted by July 2013, any negotiated wage increases will be effective at a later date.

The University would prefer that their officers receive the first wage increase as soon as practical but a ratification vote must occur first.