Temporary & Student Employment Options

Departments have a number of options for locating, recruiting, and hiring temporary staff that can help fill their staffing needs quickly. These options include:

  • Delegated approval of waivers of recruitment for limited and contract appointments
  • Using the HCM-TAM system to post temporary openings (including limited and contract appointments of various lengths)
  • Hiring laid-off employees for temporary opportunities through the Temporary Opportunity Program. Contact Employment Services for more information.
  • Listing a casual-restricted position for UC Berkeley students through the Career Center.
  • Limited use of temporary staffing agencies
  • Staff planning and consultation with HR representatives
  • Hiring retirees


As you review this information, please remember that due to labor agreement and personnel policy obligations, thoughtful planning is critically important. Depending on the situation, you may not be able to change a temporary employee's status once hired. In addition, current policies regarding the calculation of hours for determining an individual's rights to career conversion vary according to the rules governing the employee's last appointment, as well as the job title in which the employee might be hired. In some cases, accurate calculations may include ALL hours worked on campus in previous appointments. Therefore, it is important to check previous hours worked for every individual you consider, to ensure that you are fully aware of the implications of the hire.