Limited Appointments

Limited appointments of any length can be posted through TAM using the standard job opening process. Departments may hire employees into limited assignments to meet temporary and project-focused operational needs. All relevant labor agreements and personnel policies will apply to these appointments, including eligibility for career conversion.

Departments have authority for limited hires for up to 900 hours in a 12-month rolling year.

This rule has several advantages:

  • The department can establish limited appointments for up to 900 hours at 100% or variable time.
  • No HR approval or review is required for the waiver (although new positions still require classification review).
  • Departments can post directly on TAM or recruit for these assignments independently.
  • Departments will have access to their applicants immediately on Limited appointments not exceeding 900 hours. Please note the 900 hour box must be checked in the job opening staffing details in TAM.
  • Departments should identify the job posting is temporary when creating a job requisition in TAM, making it easy for candidates to locate and apply for these job opportunities.

Keep in mind that limited appointees have the right to convert to career status after 1,000 hours of service. The University is also obligated to ensure that hiring practices remain fair, open, and non-discriminatory. Therefore, no extensions of the delegated waiver of recruitment will be granted.

It is the responsibility of each department to ensure that the length of limited appointments is set appropriately at the beginning of an assignment. If the department's temporary staffing need is for more than 900 hours in a 12-month period, a limited appointment may still be appropriate, but a full recruitment must be conducted using the normal hire approval process.

To ensure that your department uses this delegated waiver authority correctly, consider the following when you explore this option:

  • Conduct a careful review of all hours worked on campus to determine the ability of an employee to complete a temporary assignment.
  • The hiring department is solely responsible for checking and monitoring the employee's hours worked on campus. One tool to assist with monitoring is PageCenter, which produces multiple reports that identify hours worked.
  • Benefits eligibility may vary depending upon the nature of the limited appointment. Be sure to check with your Department Benefits Counselor or Central HR Benefits for information on eligibility for each appointment you fill.
  • The rules regarding the hiring of limited appointees can be complex, depending on each individual situation. Be sure to seek guidance from your Employee Relations Consultant or from Employment Services to ensure compliance with all University policies and contractual union agreements.
  • The hiring department is solely responsible for evaluating the qualifications of all candidates and must ensure that the individual hired meets the requirements for the job.
  • HR will not grant extensions for delegated waivers of recruitment. Limited assignments that may exceed the 900 hour limit should be properly posted and a full recruitment conducted. Fair hiring practices require that the campus conduct recruitments for all career positions, except in unique situations.