Temporary Agencies

The UC system's rules for contracting out limit the ability of UCB managers to hire staff through outside temporary agencies. Therefore, this option can be used only as a last resort and only with the approval of the Employment Manager. Under the Departmental Submission Guidelines for purchase orders from the Procurement and Business Contracts Policy, departments cannot hire temporary staff through outside agencies without first obtaining an approval and waiver number from the manager of Employment Services. To obtain a waiver and to hire staff through a temporary agency, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Evaluate your temporary staffing needs to determine what the total amount of time for the assignment will be (e.g., 40 hours/week for 3 weeks = 120 hours).
  2. Recruit a limited or contract employee first. Over the course of a year, very few agency assignments will be granted. Except in VERY extreme circumstances in which specialized skills are required, waivers for these assignments will ONLY be granted if a department has attempted and been unable hire someone into a limited or contract position.
  3. Contact your Talent Acquisition rep. When you call to request the waiver, please be prepared with the following information:
    • Job title and assignment description.
    • The total number of hours required for the assignment.
    • What specific steps you have taken to recruit for this temporary assignment.
    • How long the previous attempts to recruit have taken.
    • Why no other candidates were suitable for the assignment.
    • Any unique circumstances that have affected the department's ability to hire a limited or contract appointee.
  4. Get your purchase order. Be sure that you have accurately projected that total cost of each order you place for temporary services. For more information on purchase orders, go to Business Services: Procurement Services or contact the Purchasing Department's Customer Service Unit at: 642-7378. You can also email them at prchhelp@berkeley.edu.
  5. There are six agencies under contract with UCB for administrative, accounting, light industrial, and food service positions. There are ten agencies under contract for technical positions. See information below. When you contact their representative, you must provide your waiver number from the manager of Employment Services. The agency representative will then work with you to fill your temporary staffing request.
  6. Submit your invoice(s) with ALL the information required. Each blanket contract with a temporary agency includes a list of information that is required by the disbursements office. To avoid late payments or misapplied funds, be sure to include the following items on EVERY invoice you submit:
    • Purchase order number
    • Agreement number
    • Waiver number from Talent Acquisition rep
    • Department or unit identification number
    • Supplier's name and place of business
    • The serial number of the supplier's permit to engage in business as a seller or the serial number of the Seller's Certificate of Registration-Use Tax. University is subject to sales or use tax and invoices submitted must include sales tax.
    • Name and address of the University
    • Description of the services sold to the University
    • Sales price of the services by line item

We hope that these guidelines will assist you in filling your temporary staffing needs. If you need any further information, please contact your recruiting assistant or your Disbursements department representative.

Temporary Agencies Approved for UCB


Strategic Sourcing and Human Resources can provide a list of UC systemwide agreements for Temporary Staffing Services in the categories of Administrative/Clerical, Accounting, Light Industrial/Trades, and Food Services. As a result of the UC competitive bid process, the following agencies are UC preferred suppliers because they provide the University with the best combination of service, quality and price. See the list of agencies for details and contact information.


Employment Services staff are available to assist you in determining which temporary staffing option might best meet your needs. Above all, we encourage you to think through your staffing needs carefully and be sure that the type of appointment you select will facilitate your business needs as well as ensure compliance with the University's personnel policies and union contracts, and with employment laws.

If you have questions, please feel free to consult with Employment Services. You may also wish to contact your Employee Relations Consultant for information on best practices and further guidance.