Hiring Retirees

Before hiring a UC retiree, there are several important points to consider and to discuss with the individual during the hiring process.

Salary: There is no unique job classification or salary range for retiree hiring. When making salary decisions, use the typical range for the position title and classification and the same criteria as you would for any other qualified candidate for that position.

Retirees report their hours and are paid via the same procedures as any other temporary employee in your department.

Hours: Managers have authority to make limited hires up to 900 hours in a 12-month rolling timeframe without conducting an open recruitment. If the temporary staffing need is likely to exceed that limit, either a full recruitment must be conducted using the normal TAM process, or a waiver of recruitment must be obtained from the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.

Benefits: Because retirees applying for short-term, temporary assignments are typically receiving retiree benefits through the University of California Retirement System (UCRS), the positions they accept must not exceed 900 hours in a 12-month rolling time period or their benefits may be adversely impacted. 

Note: If the individual received a lump sum cash-out from UCRS, the hiring process can be handled the same as for any limited term hire.

Once an individual has retired, that individual should not return to work at UC until after he or she receives the first retirement payment (or lump sum cash out), generally 90 days after the termination date. In any case, he or she may not return to work sooner than 30 days after his or her termination date, even if she has received the first retirement payment or lump sum cash out.

Retirees seeking re-employment with UC must clearly understand the impacts on their retiree benefits, make important decisions, and sign documents related to their benefits and/or retirement plan distributions. You should be familiar with these issues and able to explain them to the hiring candidate.

All retiree hires must complete Form UBEN 1039, UCRP Waiver and Release, as part of their employment documentation on or before their first day of work. That document informs them of their rights, and how re-employment will affect their benefits. The document can be obtained from your departmental benefits representative. Descriptive information is found in the Returning to UC Employment – Facts Sheet (PDF).

New hire paperwork is handled in accordance with your department’s typical procedures for processing hiring packages.