Employment: Introduction

Many aspects of the hiring and recruitment process are now automated through our web-based HCM Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) system. Much of the process takes place online for applicants, departments, and Central HR.

Applicants search and apply for jobs online and maintain an applicant profile, which they can update as needed. They can track the status of job openings, and receive email notifications at key points in the process.

Departments enter and approve their requisitions, view applications, schedule and record interview results, prepare and approve job offers, and record acceptance of offers online. At the end of the process, the successful candidate's basic information is transferred automatically to the Workforce Administration module so that a newly hired employee can be processed.

Employment Services approves requisitions and posts them, manages the Special Placement Consideration process for applicants with preferential rehire rights, manages the advertisement process, screens applicants if the department desires, and offers advice throughout the recruitment cycle. In addition, Talent Acquisition consultants can facilitate the full recruitment process for your position. 

Because the campus depends on the quality and talent of its employees, hiring decisions are among the most important choices you make as a manager. You must try to select, develop, and retain a qualified and diverse workforce to promote and support the University in its mission. At each stage of the employment process, from determining your staffing needs through recruitment, interviewing, and selection, you have opportunities to make choices that will result in effective management of your operation. The recruiters in Central Human Resources can advise you in making these choices, but in the end you are the person who knows which candidate best meets your needs.