Contract for Employment

This option applies to non-represented PPSM titles only.

The differences between vendor contracts and employment contracts may be found on Contracts: Vendor or Employee. Departments may use the UCOP-approved template to create employment contracts with non-represented employees. The contract must have an end date to be valid. You can obtain a copy of the contract template through your Employee Relations Consultant.

Other considerations when hiring contract staff include:

  • Contract appointments cannot be used for represented titles under any circumstances.
  • Contract appointments do not convert to career.
  • Clearly articulate the "at will" provisions of the contract. Please use the Employment Contract form provided by Employee Relations for every employment contract that you create.
  • Carefully select the benefits and other provisions you include to be sure that they are within program guidelines for the specific position you wish to fill. Your Department Benefits Counselor or the Benefits office can provide consultation regarding which policies apply to your specific situation.