Leveling Up with Purpose: A Conversation About Assessing Strengths and Skills for Career Transitions

Presenters: Jennifer Mora, Orsolya Nadasdi, and Charlotte Cowden

Session Description: Are you mid-career at the University of California and asking yourself what the next step is in your professional path? If you answered yes, this panel conversation is for you! As mid-career professionals who recently started new roles, we designed this panel for staff who are invested in their professional growth and looking to advance in meaningful ways. Career advancement requires self reflection, drive and an honest assessment of one’s strengths and opportunities for growth. During our conversational session we will explore ways to assess your strengths, talents and interests. How can you leverage your skill set to level up in your current role, on your team, or in a new position?

As we consider the future of work in higher education broadly, there are exciting and timely opportunities to reskill, and adapt and shape your path. We will share our personal experience with professional development, navigating and advancing in higher education, and lessons learned during our individual journeys to our new roles. This will include a discussion of what it’s like to make the transition from an individual contributor to a manager role, and how to lead with, and without, formal authority. The goal of our session is to inform, inspire and support mid-career staff who want to get more out of their professional lives and level up with purpose.