Be an Agent of Change! Pilot the CORO Anti-Racism Tool in a Coaching Context

Presenters: Colin Gerker-Junsay and Isela Peña-Rager

Session Description: The 2021 Northern California UC Leadership Collaborative - CORO working group developed an Anti-Racism Learning and Reflection tool. The matrix outlines criteria for 10 anti-racist workplace practices. For each practice, there are implementation examples on a scale ranging from “resists” to “champions.” These implementation examples are intended to support discussion, critical thinking, and outcome-driven goal setting.

Thinking of our roles as collaborators, change makers, innovators, supervisors, and leaders, coaching plays a major role in advancing anti-racism practices. Coaching is all about having an equity orientation when partnering with individuals and groups to maximize growth. Equity-oriented coaching includes guiding, supporting, and challenging through conversations and action that values and respects identity and lived experience. In this CCN learning session, the facilitators will create space for self-reflection and guided dialogue with the UC Berkeley coaching model as a framework (discover, explore, plan, act) for processing and planning.