Impactful Communication Through Masterful Questions

Presenter: Julie Staggs

Session DescriptionEver wish you had asked a better question? Has a question ever set you to thinking in a different way? Questions are a powerful tool when crafted and used well. Well-crafted and timed questions can help you make good impressions, build relationships, foster collaboration, and gain buy-in.

This session will explore and practice crafting powerful and impactful questions that can be used in many effective ways. We will review and see the effect of various types of questions, discuss what different types can do to start, build, and enhance communication, and practice crafting and asking questions in different scenarios to see their impact. Enhancing your question asking skills will add to your current effectiveness and support your continued development and impact as you continue in your career journey.

This workshop will help Upskill the participants’ questioning skills whether as part of an interview or as a good collaborating team member and help them Thrive by contributing at an even higher level in their own role, as a team member, and as a leader/coach/mentor.