Designating Beneficiaries

Employees can designate beneficiaries for various health & welfare and retirement plans online.

How to designate beneficiaries

  • Retirement Plan (UCRP/CAP) & Life, AD&D Insurance plans:
    • Log in to At Your Service Online
    • TIP: Do not use the "Back" or "Forward" buttons on your browser to navigate.
    • Click on “My Beneficiaries” in the "About" section
    • Read the "Instructions"
    • Click on "Add Change Delete" and fill in the required information. Make sure you click "Submit" for each beneficiary you are adding.
      This is where you build your list of primary and secondary (contingent) beneficiaries. This is also where you provide information that will be used to locate your beneficiaries in the future.
    • Click on "Assign Shares" when you have finished adding beneficiary information.
      This is where you specify what percentage your primary and secondary (contingent) beneficiaries may receive for each plan. The initial page allows you to quickly assign the same percentages and beneficiaries across all your plans. If you want to specify different percentages or beneficiaries for your plans, click on the "Assign by Plan" option at the bottom of the page. You must assign shares even if you only have one beneficiary.
    • Click on "Review and Confirm" to review your additions. If everything is correct, be sure to click on "Confirm" at the bottom of the page.

If you need assistance using the application, see your Department Benefits Counselor or contact the Benefits Team.

A paper form, the UBEN116  (PDF) is available for those who cannot use the online application. 

  • Retirement Savings Plans
    • Log into or Create your account at Fidelity Net Benefits
    • Click on the "Your Profile" tab near the top of the window
    • Under "About You," click on "Beneficiaries"
    • Click on the "Update" button to add new beneficiaries, make changes to your current beneficiaries, or change assigned percentages.
    • Follow the online instructions to complete your designations.

Review your beneficiaries regularly
Please remember to review your designations periodically and to change your designations as necessary; i.e., if you’ve had a major life event, such as a marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or death.