Transition Services Program

Note: these pages are in the process of being updated

What is this program?

Transition Services is an award-winning program provided by Berkeley People & Culture to support staff whose jobs are impacted by organizational change, fiscal or operational restructuring. We recognize that an unexpected layoff is difficult and offer a variety of resources to help employees through their career transition. Affected employees may need to expand their job search beyond the University community. 

According to the Department of Labor Statistics, employees who work with supportive programs while in this process find new employment faster than those who chose to try it on their own.


Services Offered

Program offerings are tailored to assist an employee transitioning into a new job, either within the university or in the broader community, and include career coaching, resume development, interview preparation, and job search strategies. Additional resources are provided through campus partnerships with University Health Services, People and Organization workshops, and technical trainings.

Career Management Phase 1: Getting Ready 

First things first, check here for links to important information and action items needed to make a career change including financial, retirement, health insurance, unemployment and other benefits.

Phase 1 Resources

Then, pull together all the information you need to make a plan, build a resume, apply for unemployment (check stubs, layoff letter). Include work history and references.

Phase 1 Tools and Services 

Manage your job search - keep a file with job descriptions and applications, notes of meetings and referrals, follow-up dates.

Career Management Phase 2

Anything in writing that represents you in your job search, resume, cover letter or online profile should clearly identify and communicate what makes you a standout match for the jobs you are interested in pursuing.

Phase 2 Tools, Resources, and Services

  • Resume Develop a resume based on current workplace best practices for your field, representing your strongest skills and accomplishments. 

    • PDF Resume Builder (coming soon) 
    • Transferable Skills Resource (coming soon) 
  • Communications Create targeted cover letters, learn protocols for email, and LinkedIn connections. 

    • PDF Cover Letter Builder (coming soon) 
  • Application Tracking Systems: Review best practices in getting through applicant tracking systems.

    • JobSCAN for resume and cover letter optimization 
  • LinkedIn Profile:  Conversational and professional, how does your profile work for you?  LinkedIn offers room for 50 ways to describe your work.  What will you use?

Career Management Phase 3

If you are selected for an interview, consider that you are likely chosen out of many applicants, and you have met the primary qualifications. The purpose of the interview, for both parties, is to further explore fit, expectations, and work culture.

Phase 3 Tools, Resources, and Services

  • Interviewing: Preparation and practice tools for virtual, 1-1and phone venues. The more you practice the better your chance for a relaxed, professional conversation.

  • Negotiating, Accepting, or Rejecting a job offer: Information on accepting or rejecting a job offer, how and when to negotiate salary, job conditions, or benefits.  

  • Succeeding in A New Position:  The first 90 days on your new job can set a tone for how successful you will be. Included here are resources to support that transition.

Eligibility for Services

We offer services to employees at all professional levels whose jobs have been impacted by reduction-in-force or organizational restructuring. This can include career or long-term contract employees, medical separations or other special circumstances.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on jobs and workplace operations at UC Berkeley. This will likely impact organizational operations throughout much of 2020. Please note the following resources:


If you have questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us at the number below.

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