Transferable Skills Library

This tool has been developed by UC Berkeley Learning & Development to help you become more effective in your current role or develop the skills that you will need for a future role on campus. This online library has articles, courses, and videos to help you develop the 20 most transferable skills across all unrepresented job standards in the UC system. 

Please note: While these are the most transferable skills across unrepresented positions, each job is unique, and a mastery of skills alone may not be enough to transition to a new position. For more information on what you need for a specific role on campus, please visit the UC Berkeley Job Builder

How to Use 

Do you have a specific interest? Click on your skill of interest -> select the resource you'd like to learn from. 

Do you have a general idea? Click on the headers below to see a family of related skills -> click your skill of interest -> select the resource you'd like to learn from. 

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