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The Workplace

Successful job search is a combination of career and organizational research, proactive and thoughtful strategy and the power of networking. This page offers useful information and resources supporting exploration and clarification of your new target. 

Job market statistics are helpful in determining regional and local occupational trends and where opportunity is for career growth. 

Job Search Ven Diagram

For big picture information, check out the Occupational Outlook HandbookBureau of Labor Statistics, and California Labor Market Information. For career exploration and job analysis, go to O’NET.   

Job Search Strategy

Setting Up 

Develop a system for noting where you applied, the date, and job title. Keep an active file with copies of job postings, resumes, cover letters, and a calendar for follow-up dates. 

Consider successful strategies from the past. How did you land your last job? Were you referred by a friend, did you work with a recruiter?

Time Management

Ideally, structure a regular time every day for your job search.

Balance your job search with other activities. A good measurement is “The 60/30/10 Rule” (Richard Bolles, “What Color is Your Parachute”):

  • 30% Online
  • 10% Preparing Resumes, Applications, and other documentation
  • 60% Face-Face/Voice-To-Voice Communication

Build a Plan 

Explore organizations to narrow your search and find that spot where your skills, interests, and values intersect with the job market.

  • Job titles vary from business to business. How many ways can you think of to describe your work?
  • Pick two or three industries or organizations to explore interests and work culture fit.
  • Look to match your transferable skills, technical expertise, and/or interests.
  • Search Industry Information: Historic trends, recent activity, products, services, job postings, and company culture.


Research your targeted organization or department to learn specifics about work structure, mission and vision, and work culture.

  • Corporate websites, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Google search
  • Background on job descriptions
  • Search professional groups and research executive bios

Current hiring needs at UCB: 

  • Financial Planning and Administration
  • Fund Development
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Data Management

Job Search Resources 

From the Staff Career Center

LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a well-developed, online training resource accessible to UC Berkeley staff at this link by logging in with your Berkeley email address.