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Curated Tools Relevant to COVID-19

Covid-19 altered many work routines for staff throughout our University. That's why a new resource page specific to helping staff be at their best was developed by the People & Organization team of People & Culture

This page includes a range of resources and information, including:...

Technology and Systems Training

The Technology and Systems Training program offers professional development opportunities to all campus employees with a results-oriented focus on productivity, process improvement, data management, business intelligence, and automation.

Registration is free to all employees. The course catalog features over 35 custom-designed topics. Workshops are facilitated live in a virtual classroom environment. Sessions are a short, one-hour duration. Learning objectives address specific related skill sets. No prerequisites are required, allowing learners to manage their own learning path and...

Google Drive Makeover: Organizing Files and Folders

Discover ways to use and organize your files and folders online inside Google Drive. Beginning with a basic overview of how Google drive works, productivity expert and professional organizer Suzanna Kaye moves on to an exploration of unique features and shares her simple search-based filing system that makes working with Google Drive fast and easy. Suzanna also covers common mistakes to avoid, troubleshooting, and how to share files with others.


Communities of Practice: The Missing Piece

Communities of practice are rising in popularity at organizations that seek to focus its members on a specific outcome while also having the added benefits of facilitating personal growth and fostering community. Encouraging communities of practice within the workplace directly addresses issues like organizational silos, duplication of work, and discouragement due to lack of support.

Ready to incorporate communities of practice in your workplace? Remember these key elements:

Create a safe environment where members are comfortable asking questions and exploring ideas Support...

Makeover Your Negative Mindset

Alison Ledgerwood, professor of psychology at UC Davis, conducted a study that revealed how difficult it is to switch from a negative perception to a positive one. The way that situations are presented deeply affects our perceptions- we naturally tend to fixate on negative aspects. This may be due to evolutionary reasons, sometimes we need to remember negative information to find a solution. Other times, it is beneficial to be aware of our negative fixations and practice mindful thinking in order to reframe our negative perceptions.

Learn how to make...

Why Communities of Practice Are Important

Educational theorist Etienne Wenger proposed and established the concept of collaborative learning through reflection, inquiry, and practice in his 1998 book, Communities of Practice. Since then, communities of practice have become an acclaimed professional learning method due to its long-term and short-term benefits for both the individuals involved and the organization as a whole. As members of communities of practice develop enhanced skills such as networking and confidence, organizations will also gain value in retention of talent and innovation, among other benefits.


Top Ten Effective Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is often considered to be a confrontational and combative practice. However, skillful negotiation has proven to be a productive conflict resolution strategy in professional settings. Effective negotiation utilizes a combination of interpersonal and communication skills in order to reach a desired result that is reasonable to all parties involved. Problem analysis, preparation, and active listening are skills that can be applied to enhance the negotiation process.


Writing Skills: Getting Your Written Message Across Clearly

Written information in the form of e-mails, documents, messages, and letters are communicated in the workplace multiple times in a regular workday. It is necessary that these written forms of communication are understandable so that the information within does not get lost in translation. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that your written messages for others are written in a clear way that lessens confusion and misunderstandings as much as possible.

Read here for tips on how to...

Working with People Who Aren't Self-Aware

A strong sense of self-awareness, having a clear idea of who we are and how we are seen by others, is a valuable trait to possess and practice in both the workplace and in everyday life. However, according to research by the Harvard Business Review, most people overestimate how self-aware they really are. Working towards improving our self-awareness is beneficial to us and those around us. Despite this, it is not a guarantee that others will follow suit. Unaware coworkers can cause interpersonal conflict and frustrate others in the workplace. Chances are, everyone will come across an...

Work Effectively While Being Remote/Telecommuting

Working from home or outside of the office has its unique advantages and challenges. Learn some ways to be most effective through this learning path!