EQ and You: An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence for Professionals

Presenter: Jason Joyce

Session Description: Did you know that emotional and social skills are four times more important than IQ when it comes to being successful in professional settings...? Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence (EQ) can be learned.  As we strive to build high-functioning, collaborative teams across UCB, one of the best ways to help foster this type of culture is to empower individuals on your team to practice advanced EQ and communication strategies.

This interactive program will invite audience members to learn about the concept of emotional intelligence and why it matters, and will provide structured opportunities for participants to explore and UPSKILL their own EQ through active participation in teambuilder activities. The presenter will deliver relevant, practical information on the theory and practice of employing and strengthening EQ throughout the session. The audience will have opportunities interspersed through the session to discuss their own campus experiences relevant to supporting EQ-positive interactions with students and colleagues, and will leave with practical resources to help them THRIVE in any interpersonal interaction on or off campus.