Breaking Out of Our Communities of Complaint

Presenter: Danny Ceballos

Session DescriptionWork environments shape how we work – much the same way as our home environments shape how we live. We need to pay attention to both to be truly happy, engaged, and fulfilled.

Part of that environment at work is who we connect with – and how we interact with those colleagues. This is our “community” at work – we come together with others, sharing our values, connecting intimately in many ways. We are social beings – we seek those connections – even in our 2022 virtual remote-work world.

But what if we come together, laugh and enjoy each other, connect with our community – around negativity – around complaining?

The “Community of Complaint”© is a model for understanding the how and why of this seductive, alluring phenomenon that many of us unwittingly slide into.

And what if we could pull ourselves and our teams out of this “Community of Complaint”– what would that look like?

In this lively interactive workshop, we’ll contrast 4 different kinds of communities at work:

  • The Community of Complaint
  • The Community of Coercion
  • The Community of Compliance
  • The Community of Cohesion

We’ll discuss what those communities look like – why we create and nurture them (consciously AND unconsciously) – and the specific actions that you can take immediately for you and your team to move from your current "community of complaint" to one that better serves you. You got this!