DBCs & DHRMs: New Hire, Rehire, Intercampus Transfer

When a new, rehired, or transferred employee begins work, please follow the steps below to ensure the employee is able to enroll in his or her desired benefits plans.

  1. Inform new employee of applicable Benefits Package – Full, Mid-Level, Core or none
  2. Inform employee he/she must enroll in most of the Health and Welfare benefits within 31 days of the date of hire or date of eligibility. Inform employee he/she should be able to enroll online by choosing “Sign in to your accounts” on the UCnet website. If he/she is unable to do so, tell him/her to see you or the appropriate department administrator immediately for assistance. If the employee contacts you, follow these steps:
    1. Is all of the employee’s personal, appointment and BELI code information correct in HCM?
      If yes, go to next step (b).
      If no, correct data and have employee wait two business days and try again, as long as employee is still within the PIE.
    2. Have at least two business days elapsed since this information was entered into HCM?
      If no, have the employee try again after two business days have passed.
      If yes, go to next step (c).
    3. Contact Campus Shared Services for additional assistance.
  3. Show employee the UCnet website, including:
    1. The New Employee videos
    2. How to set his/her UC password
    3. How to enroll in Health and Welfare Benefits
    4. How to designate beneficiaries
  4. Show the employee how to log in to the Fidelity website.
  5. Review the Benefits Enrollment Process section on the HR website.
  6. Tell the employee he/she can ask you any questions he/she may have in order to make informed benefits enrollment decisions. If the employee has questions you cannot answer, refer them to Campus Shared Sevices at 664-9000 option 3.
  7. Tell the employee it is a good idea to always check his pay statement, but especially to check his/her first few paycheck statements to be sure all of the requested enrollments are correctly recorded. Tell employee to contact you or the appropriate department administrator immediately if there are any problems, so the error can be fixed. Remind the employee that it is his/her responsibility to be sure the requested enrollments are correctly reflected on his/her pay statements. Let him/her know that if he/she waits to report an error, it may not be able to be fixed.
  8. Process the BELI form and enter data in HCM, including any Status Qualifier Codes.

If the employee is unable to enroll online, give employee the enrollment forms UPAY 850 and UPAY 919